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It is simple to enroll in the Monarch Sky Flight School. The checklist below is designed to guide you step by step through the process.

  • Call 702-631-0386 and set up a 30 minute school orientation (optional)

To expedite your enrollment, we recommend you sign and bring the school Documents to your orientation.

You will also need to bring the following documents with you prior to course commencement:

U.S. Birth certificate with photo ID or U.S. Passport*
If you are a pilot:

  • FAA pilot’s license (if applicable)
  • CFI license (if applicable)
  • Most recent Flight Review (N/A for students)
  • FAA medical (required before solo)
  • Evidence of $20,000 3rd party liability "renter’s insurance" (required to solo)
  • A valid credit card to be kept on file (no debit cards)
  • A deposit for at least 1/2 the cost of the enrolled course.

*If you are not a U.S. citizen, you must have an FAA issued pilot's license to rent aircraft or submit to TSA screening for flight training.

That is all there is to it!  Once we receive payment, your flights and ground school will be reserved and you will receive a confirmation package in the mail.  We look forward to flying with you...

Our Instructors

Denis Boissonneault
Fixed wing Chief Flight Instructor


Land & Sea



Karl Joles

Fixed wing CFI/CFII/MEI

Cathy Stockdale

Fixed Wing CFI/CFII

Alex Skerlich

Fixed wing CFI/CFII/MEI

Eric Lawrence


Land & Sea


Michael Cole

Fixed wing CFI

Chris Carlson



Jacquelin Maas

Helicopter CFI/CFII

Viktoriya Radevych
Helicopter CFI/CFII

Our Address:
1420 Jet Stream Drive, Ste #105
Henderson, NV, USA 89052
Hours of Operation:
7 days a week 8am to 5pm
Closed Holidays

Learn To Fly

At Monarch Sky, we offer a wide variety of accelerated flight training programs, which include courses from Private Pilot up through Airline Transport Pilot. We recognize that each student brings a unique set of circumstances and experiences to their flight training. We have provided overviews for the usual progression of certificates and ratings.


Monarch Sky offers individual programs, or if you are looking for a career in aviation, we suggest you see our bundled Career Pilot programs.



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