Time Building

As a pilot moves through various certificates and ratings, it is often necessary to "time build" to meet certain FAA experience prerequisites. For example, you need 50 hours of PIC cross country before you can take an Instrument checkride. How much time building you need depends on the type and extent of flying that you have done. Those who go through accelerated training often need more time building then ones who spread their training over an extended period of time. 

Regardless of why you may need it, Monarch Sky has set up a competitive program that allows you to build as much time as you need at a fraction of the cost. We do this by pairing you up with other students in such a way that you both can log the time. This requires one of you to "be under the hood" as simulated instrument and the other pilot acting as safety observer and PIC. The upshot is that you both get to split the costs of time building.

If one or both of you wish to become a Flying Club Member, then you can save even more money since you will be able to fly at Gold or Silver rates. If neither of you are Members, then you will be charged at Non-Member rates. You can time build in any Monarch Sky aircraft in which you are current and checked out. See the Rental Rates and Minimums page for current prices.

Popular time building aircraft include:

  • Diamond DA20 Eclipse
  • Cessna 172
  • Piper Arrow II



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At Monarch Sky, we offer a wide variety of accelerated flight training programs, which include courses from Private Pilot up through Airline Transport Pilot. We recognize that each student brings a unique set of circumstances and experiences to their flight training. We have provided overviews for the usual progression of certificates and ratings.


Monarch Sky offers individual programs, or if you are looking for a career in aviation, we suggest you see our bundled Career Pilot programs.



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