Helicopter Instrument

Helicopter Instrument Rating

To earn your Helicopter Instrument Rating, you must have at least a private pilot certificate and:

  • 50 Hours of cross country flight time as pilot in command
  • 40 Hours of simulated instrument flight time (20 of which can be in an approved simulator)
  • 15 hours of instrument training in a helicopter from an authorized instructor
  • 3 hours of flight training in the preceding 60 days before the test
  • 1 Cross Country under IFR of at least 100 nm with an instrument approach at 3 different airports


Additional Training: The experience requirements provided above are derived from FAA regulations and may not represent the actual amount of training required to achieve the specified rating. The timeline and prices quoted below are based on minimum hours. Additional training will be billed at an hourly rate and could extend the graduation date.


Prerequisites:  All Monarch Sky courses and pricing assume that students meet the FAA prescribed experience prerequisites. If students wish, Monarch Sky can provide Time Building in order to meet all prerequisites.

Helicopter Instrument Prerequisites

  • Valid US Government issued identification
  • Single Engine Private Pilot
  • Minimum 40 hours cross country PIC
  • FAA Medical Certificate
  • Written Exam completed within 24 Months preceeding
  • Monarch Sky Study Prep Complete
  • Deposit Paid*

*Students must pay 1/2 of the course total as deposit. The remainder is due on the first day of training.


Discounts & Incentives

  • Time Building for as little as $52 per hour--call for details
  • Students who enroll in an accelerated course get 10% off all pilot supplies
  • 25% off lodging at Hampton Inn Suites for Monarch Sky students
  • Free transportation provided to and from Hampton Inn Suites

Helicopter Instrument - 21 Day Fast Track

As part of our Helicopter Instrument package, you can fly in any of our instrument equipped aircraft, including our state-of-the-art Robinson R-22 Beta II and Robinson R-44 Raven II with the latest technology and safety features.

This course includes:

  • 20 Hours of Flight Time R-22 Including Fuel
  • 20 Hours in our Level B Simulator
  • 20 Hours of Flight Instruction
  • 20 Hours of Simulator Instruction
  • 5 Hours of Ground Instruction
Prices Starting at $7,375*


Additional Expenses that May Apply*

  • Written Exam Fee
  • Checkride Fee
  • Student Supplies
  • Formal Ground School
  • Lodging & Transportation
  • Additional Flight Training
  • Time Building if required
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Hours of Operation:
7 days a week 8am to 5pm
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At Monarch Sky, we offer a wide variety of accelerated flight training programs, which include courses from Private Pilot up through Airline Transport Pilot. We recognize that each student brings a unique set of circumstances and experiences to their flight training. We have provided overviews for the usual progression of certificates and ratings.


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