Self Paced Training

For those of us that don't have the luxury to take weeks or months off of work or school for flight training, we offer a self paced training curriculum.  Under the self paced program, we work around your schedule to ensure that you get the training and instruction you need to achieve the desired certificate or rating. If your training is estimated to take less than 30 days, then you can enroll as a transient student. If your training is estimated to take over 30 days, then you will need to join the Monarch Sky Flying Club.  If you become a Transient Member, you will be charged at Non-Member rates for your training and you will be charged by the hour. If you enroll in the Flying Club, you will be billed at whatever Tier you choose to join. To save money, most self paced students join the Gold Tier, which qualifies them for the lowest rates offered by Monarch Sky.

As a Flying Club Member, you have access to all the same resources and facilities utilized by the Diamond Flight Center. You also may train in any aircraft you wish, under Part 61 or Part 141 rules. If you plan to live in Las Vegas for at least a year, then the Flying Club self paced training is definitely the most bang for the buck. To learn more about the Flying Club, click here.

For self paced courses, we cannot quote a specific price for your training, since there are too many variables beyond our control.  For example, how quickly you finish often depends on how often you choose to fly, how hard you study, your aptitude, experience and how well you retain information. Logically, the more often you fly, the quicker you learn and therefore, the sooner you graduate. Based on these variables, Flying Club Members simply pay as they go.  If you would like an estimate of your training costs based on your individual circumstances, please contact the office at 702-631-0386.


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Learn To Fly

At Monarch Sky, we offer a wide variety of accelerated flight training programs, which include courses from Private Pilot up through Airline Transport Pilot. We recognize that each student brings a unique set of circumstances and experiences to their flight training. We have provided overviews for the usual progression of certificates and ratings.


Monarch Sky offers individual programs, or if you are looking for a career in aviation, we suggest you see our bundled Career Pilot programs.



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