Glass Cockpit Transition Training

Let's face it... Glass cockpits are here to stay. Not only do they provide enhanced situational awareness, but they are becoming more and more prolific. Almost all new aircraft being manufactured today have some type of glass, whether it is just a simple digital HSI up to a completely integrated avionics suite such as the Garmin G-1000 system. Several companies like Aspen Avionics and others are producing low-cost glass displays to replace the conventional "six-pack" steam gages. With these new technologies becoming ever more affordable and more Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) being issued every day, it is important for pilots to be prepared for this transition.


The course we offer is designed to take someone who has virtually no experience with a technically advanced aircraft (TAA) and train them to a level of proficiency that will allow them to utilize the advanced features of the G-1000 cockpit, which is the most common type of display currently in the general aviation market. If you already have some familiarization with glass displays, then we will make you better. As an added bonus, our course qualifies as a Flight Review, Instrument Proficiency Check (if you are instrument rated) and an aircraft checkout. In some circumstances, you may even qualify for cheaper insurance rates if you are an aircraft owner.

After completion of our Glass Cockpit Transition Course, you will receive a certificate of graduation and be able to meet the following ojectives:

  • Display a thorough knowledge of G-1000 and GFC 700 systems
  • Understand failure modes and how to handle emergencies
  • Demonstrate the ability to utilize all available tools in an emergency
  • Demonstrate the ability to utilize all flight planning features of G-1000
  • Be able to utilize all aspects of G-1000 system in VFR and IFR (if instrument rated) scenarios

We have 3 options to choose from, depending on your desired level of proficiency. Option 3 can be taught for Garmin G-1000 or Avidyne Entegra.

Option 1: Glass Cockpit Familiarization

*Simulator Only*

  • Pre Course Materials
    ($250 Value)
    • Training Binder
    • Trescott G-1000 DVD
  • 4 Hour Ground School
  • 4 Hours of Sim Training
  • 4 Hours of Sim Instruction
  • 1 Day Course

Includes an instrument proficiency check (IPC) if desired.

Prices Starting at $995 (Fixed Price)

Option 2: Glass Cockpit Immersion

*Diamond DA-40*

  • Pre Course Materials
    ($250 Value)
    • Training Binder
    • Trescott G-1000 DVD
  • 8 Hours Ground School
  • 4 Hours of Simulator (Dual)
  • 4 Hours in DA40 (Dual)
  • 2 Day Course

Includes an instrument proficiency check (IPC) and/or a Flight Review.

Prices Starting at $1,995 (Fixed Price)
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1420 Jet Stream Drive, Ste #105
Henderson, NV, USA 89052
Hours of Operation:
7 days a week 8am to 5pm
Closed Holidays

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