Tailwheel Endorsement

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There is just something intangible about flying taildragger aircraft that defies explanation. For some, it is the mystique that harkens back to the golden age of aviation, for others, it is a gateway into the wonderful world of aerobatics. Whatever your reason, Monarch Sky will be happy to assist you in getting your tailwheel endorsement. We do all of our taildragger endorsement training in our beautifully restored Bellanca 7KCAB Citabria.

What are the requirements for a tailwheel endorsement?

You don't need a tailwheel endorsement if you’ve already logged pilot-in-command (PIC) time in a tailwheel airplane prior to April 15, 1991. Otherwise, you must now receive a one-time logbook endorsement to act as PIC in a tailwheel airplane.

Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) section 61.31(i) elaborates:

"The flight training must include at least the following maneuvers and procedures:
(i) Normal and crosswind takeoffs and landings;
(ii) Wheel landings (unless the manufacturer has recommended against such landings); and
(iii) Go-around procedures."

The courses we offer are designed to take someone who has virtually no experience with a taildragger aircraft and train them to a level of proficiency that will allow them to handle a conventional aircraft in a variety of wind conditions on differnent types of landing surfaces.

How long will that really take?

Pilots want their flight training boiled down to number of hours. After all, hours translate into dollars. But when transitioning to tailwheel flying, the number of landings is actually a better yardstick for measuring one's "tailwheel readiness." Most pilots are competent to solo somewhere between 30 and 60 landings on paved runways. This usually translates into 7 to 10 hours of dual, most of which is spent in the traffic pattern.

Our course is much more than just a tailwheel checkout. As part of our training package, you will recieve 8 hours of dual instruction in our Citabria, plus 3 hours of advanced ground instruction from one of our highly experienced tailwheel instructors. In addition, this course includes "The Compleat Taildragger Pilot" by Harvey S. Plourde, which is considered by many to be the "tailwheel bible". You also will receive with your tailwheel endorsement an exclusive Monarch Sky study guide that includes your syllabus, a copy of all academic presenations, as well as various study aids that you will be able to refer to any time you need an academic review.

Option 1: Tailwheel Familarization

  • Pre-course Materials*
  • Tailwheel Ground School
  • 1.5 Hours Tailwheel Instruction in Citabria
  • 1/2 Day Course


*Pre Course Materials include:

  • Tailwheel Workbook
Prices Starting at $495 (Fixed Price)

Option 2: Tailwheel Endorsement

  • Pre-course Materials*
  • Tailwheel Ground School
  • 8 Hours Tailwheel Instruction in Citabria
  • Minumum of 40 Landings
  • 3 Day Course


*Pre Course Materials include:

  • "Complete Taildragger Pilot"
  • Tailwheel Workbook
Prices Starting at $1,995 (Fixed Price)
Our Address:
1420 Jet Stream Drive, Ste #105
Henderson, NV, USA 89052
Hours of Operation:
7 days a week 8am to 5pm
Closed Holidays

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